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Our Approach

Through systematic analysis and ongoing refinement Wafi Solutions has developed a concise and flexible approach to the provision of IT services. With a focus on quality and best practice across each service area our goal is to consistently outperform industry benchmarks and the expectations of our clients.


Based on the requirements of each project Wafi Solutions employ a combination of agile and waterfall methodologies, providing our clients with the flexibility required for rapid development while assuring accountability and predictable outcomes.

Quality Control

To meet the strict quality requirements of our clients Wafi Solutions universally conducts a comprehensive quality assurance and testing programme spanning every stage in the software development lifecycle, from analysis through to design, implementation, verification and maintenance.


By working with Wafi Solutions your organisation will gain access to exceptional IT talent, including business analysts, project managers, systems architects, development managers and specialist consultants as well as experienced teams of development, quality assurance and testing professionals.

Core Skills

Web Design, HTML & CSS
jQuery & Angular Js

Our Strategy

We apply best practice throughout the software development life cycle to deliver powerful and flexible solutions. Today we leverage our experience and significant intellectual property to remain competitive while maintaining an uncompromising attitude toward quality.