In the dynamic landscape of Bangladesh's food industry, KhaasFood has emerged as a prominent player with a widespread presence across the country. To address the challenges posed by its complex business domains, KhaasFood partnered with Wafi Solutions, a leading provider of comprehensive technology solutions. The result was the development and implementation of a robust Business Intellisense software, revolutionizing KhaasFood's end-to-end processes.

Client Background:

Client Name: KhaasFood
Industry: Food and ECommerce
Business Challenges: Diverse sales channels, intricate inventory management, and the need for complex reporting.


KhaasFood encountered a myriad of challenges in managing its multifaceted operations

  • Diverse Sales Channels: Managing sales across various channels, including ECommerce websites, Facebook, direct calls, and outlet sales, posed integration challenges.
  • Intricate Inventory Management: Navigating complex inventory requirements, including warehouse stocks, transfers, and outlet requisitions, proved to be a significant operational hurdle.
  • Complex Reporting Needs: The need for detailed and complex reporting on product performance, sales trends, stock levels, warehouse management, and inventory insights added another layer of complexity.
  • Order Synchronization: Ensuring seamless synchronization of orders from the ECommerce website to the back-office application presented a critical challenge.


Wafi Solutions, leveraging its technological expertise, provided KhaasFood with a holistic solution to address their multifaceted challenges:

  • Comprehensive Business Intellisense Software: Developed and implemented a robust software covering Product Management, Purchase Management, Sales Management, Delivery, Inventory, and Packaging.
  • Cloud Architecture on Azure: Optimized the cloud infrastructure using Azure App Service and SQL Server for deployment, ensuring scalability, security, and high performance.
  • Integration of Diverse Sales Channels: Seamlessly integrated ECommerce websites, Facebook, direct calls, and outlet sales into the Business Intellisense software. Ensured cohesion among the mobile app (Ionic), ECommerce platform (WordPress WooCommerce), and back-office application (.NET Core and SQL Server).
  • Order Synchronization: Developed a specialized Node application dedicated to order synchronization. Implemented Azure Function Queue for efficient and real-time management of order synchronization.
  • Manufacturing and Stock Features: Introduced advanced manufacturing and stock features within the system. Streamlined warehouse management, facilitating efficient stock transfers and requisitions.


The implementation of the Business Intellisense software brought about transformative results for KhaasFood. The system's manufacturing and stock features streamlined warehouse management, facilitating efficient stock transfers and requisitions. The cloud architecture on Azure enhanced reliability and scalability, positioning KhaasFood for future growth.

The integration of sales channels and the resolution of order sync challenges provided KhaasFood with a seamless and interconnected platform. The software's robust reporting capabilities offered detailed insights into product performance, sales trends, stock levels, warehouse management, and inventory status.

The collaborative effort between KhaasFood and Wafi Solutions exemplifies the power of technology in optimizing business operations. The tailored Business Intellisense software, hosted on Azure, not only addressed KhaasFood's challenges but also positioned the company for sustained growth in the competitive landscape of Bangladesh's food industry. Wafi Solutions remains committed to delivering innovative technology solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital era.