Wafi Solutions takes pride in presenting "Sukun," a revolutionary mobile application developed for the renowned bestselling Bangladesh Author, Arif Azad. Sukun is a versatile platform that seamlessly integrates eBooks and prayer time functionalities, providing users with a holistic experience.


The primary goal of Sukun is to offer a user-friendly interface for eBook enthusiasts and individuals seeking a convenient way to manage their daily prayer routines. This case study delves into the challenges faced during development and highlights the innovative solutions implemented to overcome them.


Ebook Security:

  • Issue: Unauthorized downloading and distribution of eBooks in PDF format posed a significant threat to copyright infringement.
  • Solution: Sukun introduced enhanced security features to prevent unauthorized access and downloads. This ensures that readers can enjoy a smooth reading experience without compromising the integrity of the author's work.

Reading Experience:

  • Issue: Maintaining a smooth and interactive eBook reading experience was crucial for user satisfaction.
  • Solution: Leveraging the Ionic framework, Sukun delivers a seamless reading experience with features like highlighting, bookmarking, and user-friendly navigation. The app's design focuses on optimizing readability and user engagement.

Prayer Time Functionality:

  • Issue: Users often struggled to find accurate prayer times and manage their daily prayer schedules.
  • Solution: Sukun incorporated a comprehensive prayer time feature that provides accurate timings based on the user's location. Users can conveniently check prayer times, access a calendar, and manage their prayer routines, enhancing the overall utility of the app.

Privacy Concerns:

  • Issue: With the increasing concern for user privacy, ensuring data security was a top priority.
  • Solution: Sukun implemented robust privacy measures, ensuring that user data remains secure and protected. The app adheres to industry standards for data encryption and privacy, instilling confidence in users to trust the platform.

Technological Stack:

  • Ionic framework for seamless cross-platform development.
  • Robust security protocols to protect eBook copyrights and user data.
  • Location-based services for accurate prayer time calculations.


Sukun has garnered widespread acclaim for its innovative approach to combining eBooks and prayer time functionalities. Users appreciate the seamless reading experience, robust security measures, and the convenience of managing their prayer routines within a single application.

Wafi Solutions, through the development of Sukun, has successfully addressed the challenges associated with eBook security, reading experience, and prayer time functionalities. The app stands as a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance user experiences and promote digital content in a secure and respectful manner. Sukun is not just an app; it's a platform that fosters a sense of tranquility and knowledge for users worldwide.