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Barkworthies is an eCommerce platform selling nutritional food items for dogs. Its unique for its premium products, free from preservatives and additives. At Barkworthies, health and happiness of dogs are highly valued.

NopCommerce, ASP.NET MVC


TRD Description:

Outline of Overall System
This is a project management site to be used by our client, a demolition company. This site
allows our client to:
● log enquiries
● produce quotations to be sent to their clients using standard paragraphs stored in the
● tracks the progress of projects won
● upload and store important files/documents
● save notes to projects
● log external communication sent i.e. quotes, quote revisions
● manage personnel, client/sub­contractor and asset directories.

AngularJS, ASP.NET MVC, DevExpress, SPA

SaaS HR Platform

We developed a SaaS (software as a service) HR platform for one of our clients based in the UK. It is a modern, flexible and leading HR platform developed for UK businesses; particularly for remote and hybrid teams.

Our first requirement from the client was to develop an HR platform for their company which is comprised of three sister concerns. It was mainly to accomplish all HR related matters of the company and its concerns. After launching the MVP (minimum viable product) successfully, our client wanted the software to be developed on a broader scale, so that other companies can also use it; hence, we started re-designing the software.   



  1. Developing a SaaS platform is always challenging because each company has different requirements, so to align the overall requirements of several companies, the idea needs to be dynamic.


  1. The HR domain is complex as the departments, workflow, process, policies etc. vary company wise, hence there is a requirement for a dynamic rule.


  1. We came across technical challenges in the initial stages of launching the software. The clients were giving feedback about custom features for their companies which required re-building the software.


  1. As it was growing rapidly and new companies onboarding frequently, data management became an issue.


  1. We had to ensure that the data of various companies did not mix up as we provided shared database.


  1. The UI/UX design was a big challenge as we were offering a single design to the public at large.




  1. The first thing that we did was consider modular design as a solution because there are smaller companies that require simple modules such as attendance, leave etc.; on the other hand, the larger companies require sophisticated modules like training & development, expense, accounts, payroll etc. The smaller companies are reluctant to spend a hefty amount as their budget is limited; on the contrary, the larger companies like to accommodate the HR department with more facilities to bring out the optimal outcome. So, we selected modular design for our client.


  1. We set modular pricing for the SaaS platform as it is convenient for the users to subscribe depending on their budget.


  1. We made the roles, permissions and features for each module dynamic and powerful to satisfy the needs of our clients. Clients can select only those features that satisfies their requirements.


  1. We solved the challenge of data management by making the system cloud based and keeping it hybrid i.e., companies could store their data in shared or separate database.


  1. We developed a very simple, effective and user-friendly UI for our clients.


Imanaka Asato

This is a simple umbraco based CMS site where we have developed the umbraco theme.

Umbraco, ASP.NET MVC, C#

Hawaii Pacific Health

This site is for Hawaii’s Pacific Health Care foundation. There are many functionalities including events, photo/video gallery, publication, newsletter etc.

Umbraco, ASP.NET MVC, C#

Drive Electric Hawaii

This is a simple umbraco based CMS site where we have developed the umbraco theme.

Umbraco, ASP.NET MVC, C#

Hawaiian Host

Wordpress, PHP, jQuery

Read To Me

WordPress, PHP, jQuery

Next Engine

It is an online portal and backend system to manage a large procurement company. We are building the system from the scratch. It has the following features –

  • Customer & contact management
  • Product management
  • Price list & Catalogue management
  • Supplier & vendor management
  • Tracking lost & won opportunity
  • Tracking Sales Performance
  • Manage Orders & Shipment & ETA
  • Manage forecast & target
  • Custom frontend portal & cms management

ASP.NET MVC, ASPNET Zero, Kendo UI, Azure App Service, Azure Search, Azure Storage

Best Bully Sticks

This is an ecommerce for dog foods. We developed this site in nopCommerece. There are many customized features like autoship, re-order, custom reviews etc.

NopCommerce, ASP.NET MVC