At Wafi Solutions, we pride ourselves on a rich tapestry of successful projects delivered for our esteemed clients. With the powerful ABP.IO framework as our cornerstone, our experienced team is dedicated to turning software visions into tangible success stories.

Our Successfully Delivered Projects Across Diverse Industries


Our SaaS HR application has streamlined human resource management for numerous clients, ensuring efficiency and precision in every aspect of HR operations.

Learning Management System

Clients have witnessed a transformative shift in their training programs through our Learning Management System, providing engaging and streamlined learning experiences.

Geotechnical Engineering Solutions

Navigating complex geotechnical challenges, our specialized software solutions have optimized engineering processes, delivering exceptional results for our clients.

E-Commerce Back Office

The optimization of E-Commerce operations is evident in the success of our advanced back-office solutions, enhancing efficiency and competitiveness for clients in the digital landscape.


Our Matrimony website has created delightful user experiences, providing a secure and user-friendly platform for meaningful connections, and earning accolades from clients.

ABP.IO Framework: Excellence in Software Development

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Clean Architecture and DDD Pattern

ABP.IO's clean architecture and Domain Driven Design pattern have consistently delivered not just code but robust, maintainable, and scalable business assets for our clients.

Rapid API Development with Best Practices

Following industry best practices, our team ensures rapid API development, guaranteeing security and efficiency in every project we undertake.

Modular ABP Modules for Flexibility

Crafting modular ABP modules allows us to seamlessly manage and extend solutions, providing unparalleled flexibility to tailor projects to our client's unique needs.

Cloud Deployment and Scaling

ABP.IO's seamless integration with leading cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) simplifies deployment and scaling processes, meeting the growing demands of our clients.

Microservice Migration for Future-Proof Solutions

Effortlessly adapting to changing needs, our migration of modules to microservices ensures scalability and agility, future-proofing the solutions we deliver.

ABP.IO: The Cost-Effective Choice for Large Enterprises

In the realm of large, scalable, and manageable enterprise solutions, ABP.IO stands out as a cost-effective choice. Our successful projects and expertise showcase the versatility and efficiency that ABP.IO brings to businesses seeking innovative solutions.

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